A sex position in which the guy lies on his back and the girl lies on her back on top of him propping herself up as if she was doing the crab walk, and the guy fucks her from below while rubbing her clit. Also known as "The Australian" (cuz you fuck her from down under).
Dude, i just crab walked the tits off this bitch!
by gnel rgnoernslkv October 25, 2010
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After beating off, and you realise that you have no tissue in near you to wipe up your cum, this is the walk you do to get to the bathroom when you don't want to spill any cum on the floor.
Pervert: I just exploded on to myself, but I need some toilet paper to wipe up my juice. I better commence my crab walkin'.
by Kewy June 19, 2005
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when intercourse occurs so many times or is rough, 1 has to walk a certain way to avoid feeling friction burn.
On the tv show last night, that scene was so rough, they both were crab walking for a couple of days.
by mwallace2202 June 2, 2015
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When the female gets into a crab position and walks back and forth into the males genitalia. The male can also place two fingers in her backdoor for added arousal.
Kevin: "I got our lass into crab walking the other day! It sent her bean wild."
by G-shot Muncher December 21, 2011
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Used to describe the act of someone who never initiates or avoids social activities for the sake of being lazy.
Often uses last minute excuses to avoid leaving the house.
Friend 1: hey this party is going off, are you nearly here?
Friend 2: I was about to leave but my cat purred at me twice so I gotta stay home
Friend 1: this is the second time this week you've blown me off, stop Crab walking and leave the house
by Chris Cheezus April 8, 2019
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CS:GO fag awper crouch walking down the map with 100% accuracy hunting for a kill.
Dude this fag is just crab walking down highway. Fuck this game.
by Trimped February 13, 2017
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-not realted to crip walk
Often describes the walking tequniques of a women (or trans sexual tranny) after a rigerous thrusting during sexual intercourse.
Yo sus that hoe essay, she bustin mad crab walk, she musta got a thrashin or her fella must be hung...
by hadyboi April 21, 2004
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