To take one or more Xanax pills and then consume alcohol.
Damn did you see Claire falling all over the place at the party last night? That bitch was so shaded. She probably doesn't remember anything.
by kyle and wendy May 1, 2007
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im chillin, im good where im at
im shaded at the house
by Meqz July 14, 2008
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Being extremely high, while wearing sunglasses, while chillin. Anytime. Anywhere.
Ayyy man, I saw you at that party last night, why were you wearing sunglasses at night though?

Aww man, I was shaded to the max son!
by QueVan C June 18, 2012
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Lack of exposure to the world.
Chloe is so shaded. I s'pose that's what happens when you live in Narrabri.
by Cheeseand potato. February 1, 2010
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imaginary conversation on AIM

girl: hey, what are you doing?
boy: nothing shaded at the house
girl: oh ok
by Adriana W February 17, 2009
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of or being of a dark skin tone.
get your shaded indian ass in here.
by ravi jain March 30, 2006
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Lost at least once in the first playthrough of Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2's Story Mode. When a player loses for the first time in this mode, the marks indicating the stages (s)he has won are no longer hollow; they are now filled in, hence the term.

Someone who is shaded will not be able to get the extra tuning level that unshaded players get.
I got shaded because I fucked up the last two turns on stage 80.
by G.S. LXVIII December 11, 2005
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