Indians are an academically advanced people who when given the opportunity will often exceed others in any given area of expertise. They are also known for their spicy foods and curries, and inventing the idea of '0' before the Mayans. Hinduism, the main religion, is the one of the oldest surviving religions in the world and the most tolerant of other religions. Bollywood and bhangra music are entering into the American mainstream with hits such as the blockbuster movie Bend it like Beckham and the hit music track, Beware of the Boys
Dude, have u heard that one track by Jay-Z and the Punjabi MC? It's called 'Beware of the Boys', go check it out if you love indians
by |ny|crip_playa68 March 24, 2006
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Definition is for asian indian (am one myself). Stereotypes include but are not limited to-

1. indians smell. obvious where this comes from, we do generally eat spicy food but im pretty sure that we dont smell of it 24/7.

2. indians have a superiority complex. im being totally objective here; yes some of us do. i dont but my parents are forever being annoying by comparing other things unfavourably to indian things. i hate this. objectivity is important. but wth i have to put up with it because theyre mad.

3. we're intelligent. i dont know about the actual genetic value of this stereotype but a lot, and i mean A LOT of emphasis is placed on education within indian teenagers. where i live in england, if i study a lot my british friends would say 'omg you've like studied all day! you need to take a break' if i did the same thing in india, my indian friends would probably say 'omg is that all youve done? how much do you think youre gonna get on the test? are you confident that that much studying is enough?' so yeah it can get pretty heavy.

IMO you cant really stereotype a country with over 1 billion people. theres lots of different people, everyone is unique and yeah just bear that in mind not only for indians, but for ANY racial/social stereotype.
1. 'dude you eat curry all the time, you stink' -ignorant loser

'well at least i have deodorant. unfortunately there is no cure for stupid people yet. though i hear they're doing research on it in india' -indian person

2. 'okay so britain might be developed but obviously india is much better' - MY DAD >.<

'hmm. so although britain has little to no poverty, an excellent welfare state, and effective law enforcement policies, it is still somehow worse than india which is in still in stage 2 development? am i the only one who sees the flaw in this argument?' - me

3. 'you know raj got 98% in maths last week?' -some guy

'wow.. his parents must have given him hell for that' - indian empathiser

'why? thats an awesome score, he only misplaced a decimal point' - some guy

'you clearly know nothing about indian/asian parents' - indian empathiser *shakes head sadly*
by twasadream June 27, 2010
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People from Indian Subcontinent who represent the world most diverse group of people hailing from a country of more than 1 billion people. The 5th largest economy in the world which is growing at 8% GDP per annum and have a largest pool of talented and young professionals, engineers,doctors,enterpreneurs & IT professionals.
More than 25 million Indians represents the most successful group of immigrants in Europe, America and Asia. Most of them have a talent to create wealth.They may arrive with couple of hundred dollars in the pocket but end up making millions due to their endurance & fighting spirit to make it big in the alien country.
Needless to say they come in all shapes and sizes, with different personalities, thinking and behaviour.More than 10000 year old continuous Indian civilisation has emerged as major economic and nuclear power with major technological advances.
Dude 1: Oh! these Indians, you find them everywhere you go, my Doctor is Indian so is this taxi driver.
Dude 2: My daughter Lisa go out with an Indian he is from Srilanka.
Dude1: Is Srilanka is in India.
Dude2: Who cares mate, lets eat some curry & tandoori chicken tonight, it's taste great!!
by rocky1 September 20, 2006
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1. A person from the country of India
2. The most intelligent and smartest people on this planet.
3. The wealthiest people in the USA.
4. Anybody named Raj.
1. John: What race are you?
Raj: I'm Indian, from India.
2. John: Raj didn't even miss one question on the test.
Tom: That's because he's indian.
3. John: Raj just bought a new mercedes and now he's got ten of 'em.
Tom: So what? so does every other Indian I know.
by Raj Malhotra December 22, 2005
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A total fan of independent music
I'm so Indian I buy major label music CDs just to crush and smash them
by kontoculai June 29, 2019
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I am from India, therefore I am Indian.

I am a native american, i don't know why people call me Indian.
by TaylorHasRocks February 23, 2019
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