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An African-American person having brown(other cultures) to dark brown to almost black skin. Other cultures (East Indians) consider themselves to be dark also
Lil Wayne is dark skin with dreads.
Omar Epps is a sexy dark skin man.
Kelly Rowland is a beautiful dark skin girl.
by ThickKeKe757 November 06, 2007
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Beautiful dark melanin skin that sparkles when the sunlight shines on it and is beautiful to have
Get you a darkskin girl/boy there amazing 😉
by Roy’al March 11, 2018
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Blacks niggas u can’t trust fa shit. The always tryna tell someone something. The some fucking rats and always tryna get pussy then tell their friends
Darkskin:Yo I fucked Britney last night cuz

Light skin:Bro u always say u fucked these ugly ass girls
by Long duck bull June 09, 2018
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