when your stomach is fucked up beyond belief; nauseated; menstruation
Ahhh my fucking stomach, im so swiveled.
by lyin hawaiian February 24, 2011
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A term accompanied by giving the finger.
"oh my god, you're such an idiot"
"yeah? swivel on this" **makes finger giving gesture**
by sconbon April 4, 2007
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Used when you dnt give a fuck nd u jst want 2 tel sum1 2 go fuck demselves
Teacher: Wheres your homework?
student:Swivel on it!!!

Go swivel on it awrite!!!
by legend May 5, 2005
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To stick a defined object up your rectum and spin upon it.
Hey Tim, go sit on a barstool and swivel.
by poody July 30, 2005
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n. strength of mind or character that enables one to overcome adversity; confidence; will

see game
by Robert M. Jackson August 6, 2005
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A word stated after sticking your middles finger up at some1

just to add emphasis
Abby: I Lost Your Ipod.

Jamie: *middle finger* SWIVEL!

Abby: *cries*
by LottieSWIVEL August 30, 2008
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A suitable replacement for the word "Swerve". Used in a context that revolves around avoiding someone and their either A) annoying thoughts or B) negativity
Guy 1: Man, I hate having fun with my friends!

Guy 2: Swivel! Im done with you!
by PleaseApprove333 March 11, 2013
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