What everyone says but doesn't notice.

Close cousin to smorning.

Always follows "this".
I woke up with a huge boner this sevening.
by HarvesterOfSorrow October 08, 2008
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A cocktail consisting of Seagram 7 whisky and 7-UP plus ice.
Hi, can I get a Seven and Seven?
by Rev. Lovejoy February 13, 2005
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Means to delete something, like the option in your voicemail.
Ugh, i made a typo. I'll just seven that.
by coolbn August 12, 2007
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Seven is everything and nothing all at the same time. In fact, Seven is time. Seven should always be capitalized and spoken about in a positive manner. Seven is the only number, all of the other numbers are just figments of your imagination.

And guess what? Seven is imagination.
Karah: Why is six afraid of Seven?

Jacob: Because everything is afraid of Seven.


Brock: Want to know the most awesome equation in the world?

Jacob: Okay.

Brock: (7*7+7*7)/(7+7)=7

Jacob: My mind literally just exploded due to the massive amount of godliness that you just bestowed upon the universe.
by Seven7seven7SEVEN November 04, 2010
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the number before 18, but after 2
two, seven, eighteen
by fungusmushroomboi October 04, 2018
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