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The area code for the sick state colorado. This spelling is usually in reference to the amazing rap group from Boulder, Colorado.
Dude where you at?
Man, im in the 3Oh!3.
Ah, tight i love colorado.

What are you listening to?
3Oh!3 cause yousa punk bitch if you dont know about boulder.
by coolbn August 04, 2007

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Easily the sickest most kick-ass team in the NFL! Disliked by many fans of other teams that got the shit kicked out of them by the Broncos.
Dude did you see the game?
Hell yes i did champ bailey got three interceptions and the broncos beat the raiders 84-0.
by coolbn August 04, 2007

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Being a balla from colorado.
yeah im cool and from colorado. I guess you could say im a ballerado.
by coolbn August 05, 2007

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Means to delete something, like the option in your voicemail.
Ugh, i made a typo. I'll just seven that.
by coolbn August 12, 2007

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