Karah is a beautiful and charming girl that has the boys falling at her feet. Karah's are kind and will do anything to make someone happy or feel better. They are usually pretty tall, normally around 5'9" 5'10". They have an awesome taste in music and know how to wow boys. Usually just by looking at them and smiling. They have big eyes that makes them adorable and bat their eyelashes. One thing you shouldn't do is make her mad, just don't. Karah's love to try new things. Usually only happy alone, with one person, or a party of 100+. Nothing inbetween. Treat with care and handle with love, Karah's are a special someone to keep close.
"Woah! Look at her pass by!"
"I know, that's Karah!"
"Boy, is she stunning!"
"Model Material"
by vivi34 June 9, 2013
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Karah's are amazingly kind people who put everyone else's needs before theirs. They have a golden heart and will do anything to make someone happy. They can seem very serious at first but once you get to know them they are the silliest and the most fun to be around. They are the cutest people you'll ever meet and the most beautiful. Basically Karah's are absolutely perfect and you should never let one go if you meet one because they will change your life forever and make everything much better
Whos that amazing person

Oh, that's Karah
by Muffinssssss October 30, 2018
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A stunning woman who is usually of average height, most of the time about 5'3. Most Karah's are brunettes.A very intelligent woman, A woman who might be a little crazy at times, but have golden intentions. Karah's always put everyone else's needs before their's. A Karah has a heart of gold and loves to help other people.
A Karah usually has the mouth of a sailor, but knows how to be classy and elegant when needed to be. A Karah can be insecure at time, but has no reason to be. A Karah loves her friends and her family very much.
Dude one: Oh my god, do you see that gorgeous brunette who just walked by?
Dude two: Yes! Her name must be Karah.
by bobarah92 March 7, 2015
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An amazingly beautiful woman who is also very hilarious, smart, and fun to talk to. She is very loveable and very cute. She can make some mistakes sometimes, but she knows when she has done wrong. She's fun to be around and an all around great person. She doesn't think she is that great, but in reality, she is an amazing person who is loved by all. She does very well with men named Gabriel, they go very well together.
First man: Wow, that girl is amazing.
Second Man: Yea, she is such a karah!
by GabrielMcnutt June 29, 2011
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Karah is the type of person who loves animals. And is totally a daddy's girl. She is brave and doesn't care what other people think about her. A Karah is also smart and can be spoiled sometimes, she can be in her own little bubble sometimes but just give her some time to come out of deep thought. A Karah can also be Wild, obnoxious, and crazy she can also make anyone around her laugh (or roll their eyes).
Did Karah go over with her daddy to feed the animals yet?
by Chochie11 May 25, 2009
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Karah are very unique and beautiful she has guys falling at her feet . Karah’s

are very competitive and will do anything to win but she is also very kind and will do anything to help a person i need. she is very street smart and book smart. She is also very strong but does not show it off.
She likes to try new things all the time.
She also loves animals. She loves a los of sports including music, gymnastics,cheer,basketball,soccer. Karah’s are beautiful people and very sweet you would probably like being close to a Karah.
Person 1- who is she

Person 2- Thats Karah

Person1-wow she is beautiful
by La verdan April 12, 2020
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A beautiful girl with a lovely sense of humor but shes a rat.
Hey its Karah
Man shes a Rat
by blovespie July 5, 2018
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