a plan that rebounds adversely on the originator; has the opposite effect to what was intended, creating public humiliation

backfire rebound boomerang
Devin Nunes self-owned himself in magnificent fashion when he filed his case against Twitter.
by Beautybind March 20, 2019
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The word is pretty obvious. If you own yourself.
It's actually making a comment that makes yourself look stupid.
Usually used on forums.
Yesterday I forgot my girlfriend's name, and she dumped me.
Oh my God, that's so self-owned
by King Alcohol May 12, 2006
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when someone gets self-owned means that the reason of ownage aren't the owning guy's abilities/skills/etc. but the owned guy's stupidity/lack of skills or abilities/etc.

basically said, someone gets self-owned because he does something stupid

who owned him isn't extraordinary, but the owned guy himself is worse than others

similar to selfd
table tennis player 1: (trying to hit the incoming ball while actually hitting the table, dropping the bat and screaming)

table tennis player 2: "haha so self-owned"
by forceNet June 28, 2007
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when you do something so stupid, you own yourself like a fucktard!
jimmy self own 'd himself
by dude007 May 30, 2008
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From the slang own: to own self.
As soon as Bill pushed the button, a hundred-ton weight fell from the sky and hit him on the head. "Ha! Bill got self-owned!" said Joe.
by Vex December 20, 2004
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jenkins, did you see those magats self own themselves in DC? 0 congress captured, 0 pence's hung, 100% arrested
by commander dr. joe biden, PHD January 15, 2021
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1) When your phone's autocorrect absolutely savages you.

2) When you are texting in bed and accidently drop your cellphone on your face.
"Yo, I want some dick

Some duck* ... Shit"

"Lmao, cell phone self own"
by F41R September 3, 2021
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