To punch someone's erection in so it goes into their body.
John was talking a ton of shit and just being generally annoying so I gave the son-of-a-bitch an insurrection.
by Filthy Sally March 28, 2005
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What happens to your penis and scrotum when you jump into a cold pool, bathtub, or bucket of ice.
Tim: Gary, why won't you jump in the ice pond?

Gary: Because I feel the insurrection is eminent.
by Gafa Gafa June 19, 2011
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insurrection is a rise against government authority or a revolt with intent to delay or stop the commission of law or process upheld by law

aka Jan 6th 2021
The toothless rebellion that occurred on January 6th, 2021 is a textbook example of an insurrection.
by clownwhisper January 20, 2022
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The exact opposite of an erection; when your penis burrows up into your body
I was so grossed out by her sores on her vagina that I had an insurrection.
by legrue2000 April 15, 2021
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Star Trek: Insurrection - the movie that ended the franchise. The biggest disappointment in Star Trek history. Turned away all the fans that still believed after Star Trek: First Contact. After this, nobody even bothered with Star Trek: Nemesis.
Star Trek: Insurrection, was even a bigger disappointment than the Star Wars prequels.
by Robert Shawn January 8, 2004
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a kick ass band that will rock your fucking socks off. yeah. thats right.
dude, insurrection fucking kicked last night.
by Mike Samuels (not really) April 9, 2005
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A revolt against legal and government authority in an effort to overthrow the government.
The President was impeached because it was believed he had encouraged the insurrection.
by Simmaniac January 13, 2021
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