The most best bad ass people in the world NOT bi
Hav rockin bods
Extemely athletic
Looks great in skirt
Can kick the shit outta ne1
"Oh snap son she a tennis playa."
"Oh hell yeah she good"
"Yeah lookin good in that skirt"
"Yea she coo"
"Man o wish I could be the coolest most athletic person in the world"
"Well thrn be a tennis player"
by lizziemknhg March 20, 2008
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Slang for a bisexual person.

Origin: Tennis players are known to have the ability to swing both ways - just like how a bisexual "swings both ways" too.
Example 1: Guy A makes a pass at Guy B. Guy B says, "Sorry dude, I don't play tennis!"

Example 2: "Man, WTF? You're a Tennis Player?"
by J. Turner November 8, 2006
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Male tennis players are always a gay male who forfeits the right to testosterone. The best thing to do if you see one is to simply point and laugh at how queer they are.
Male tennis players are so gay
by Cono12 July 12, 2019
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People who work hard and win matches. People who don’t care that some people don’t like tennis.
People who don’t care that tennis isn’t a popular.
People who like tennis no matter what.

Shoutout to coach Trish!!! Whoooo!
Tennis player 🎾: Wins a match
Fans: wow this is taking forever
Popular girls: you play tennis! What a dork. 🙄
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