belittling one's self: the act of belittling yourself or your achievements
She has low self-esteem and is prone to self-deprecation.
by BobTheMan October 17, 2005
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Insulting; devaluing; or belittling oneself, often in a sarcastic or humorous way.
Young girls are so self deprecating. They never talk about anything but their flaws.

Tate: I have to cancel our plans this weekend!
Lana: Don't worry about it; I'm an expert when it comes to spending weekends alone.
Tate: You're so self deprecating sometimes, Lana.
by Kellyisawin! December 3, 2013
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Making fun of oneself for entertainment. It's usually done by people who are depressed, but you shouldn't just assume.
Self-Deprecation is such a common form of humor, even Urban Dictionary itself does it.
by Someone who kinda exists August 8, 2021
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Humor where you put yourself down.
Sometimes funny, but sometimes overused fishing for compliments or a signal of low self-esteem.
ex. 1
Yeah, I just walked into the wall outside *smiles, while friend laughs* man I'm clumsy.
ex. 2
Dang, your're all such good students, studying for the test, I'm prolly gonna fail. *says the straight A student*
by andriod5 August 29, 2005
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Lashing out at or making fun of your own Shit
Bruce: I took a shit last night that was so bad, the power grid went down for 30 minutes
Lisa: I believe you just engaged in some classic Self-Deprecating Defacating
by Urban humor May 23, 2019
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saying the opposite of what you mean to appease someone else due to low self-worth
Can't a happy conclusion be reached without her self-deprecating surrender?
by swthrt628 May 29, 2011
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