4 definitions by Resorath

Teh Secx is the act or suggestion to act of having sex...

Also goats.
Teh Secx was with goats...
by Resorath June 26, 2004
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Number of users with the file on a file sharing network.

Also, a variable number in an algorithm that changes based on this number, "the seed".
The seed of a random number generator is usually time.
by Resorath June 26, 2004
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An acronym for "Force Units", a generic unit of measurement in chemistry.
by Resorath April 9, 2004
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A powerful weapon that is susceptible to any form of attack. So far is 0 for 2 in victories.
A feather at the end of a long stick makes a formidable weapon against the DEATH STAR.
by Resorath July 3, 2004
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