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Tattoo usually positioned on the lower back of a exotic dancer and or a female. Usually accompanied with low rising pants with a "Thong" underwear exposed.
I had a date with a girl. Once I saw her Tramp Stamp, I knew it was a sure thing.
by Deez March 9, 2005
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Derek Wolf Planted his seed in his wife. She accepted all of his seed. His seed is growing.
by Deez September 18, 2003
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Sucktard is a mixture of "He sucks" and "He's a retard." Usually used as an epithet.
"Dude, that guy is a sucktard"
by Deez August 11, 2004
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(supporting adjective)

used to support a word for an exclamitory effect and also as a replacemet for words in a sentence. one must use the context in the statement to assume how st00pid is used.
1. Man we were making st00pid cash the other day!

2. Those cars were st00pid fast!

3. That shit was st00pid fun!
by Deez July 13, 2003
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A coined phrased used commonly by P.Diddy meaning to take great thought to what was previously said
you a B**ch!... (some one over to the side, "TAKE THAT TAKE ThAT!")
by Deez March 30, 2004
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To set up an object in a unconventional way :aka (black folks)
Ray- Ray niggarigged mama's car so that u have to pull a string to start it.
by Deez March 29, 2004
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