conservative talk show host that exposes liberals or lefty libs for the scary, weak on defense, hypocritical jackasses that they are.

liberals hate him because they cannot match him. the lefty libs make up things about him because he's effective at countering their stupid assertions.

lefty libs try to say that sean hannity cuts them off or wont put them on the air - totally untrue, he actually puts them on the radio first. They just get mad because he makes them look like idiots and doesnt let them spin things.
"lefty libs hate sean hannity because he exposes them as hypocrites"

"its fun to watch sean hannity take on some hardcore liberal because the lib ends up getting mad and walking off the set"
by hit the hole pole man March 09, 2006
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Top Definition
Mouthpiece for the Neocon agenda with little regard for truth or others.
Leaking Democratic memoranda that was stolen by clandestine methods from Senate computers.
by Robert January 02, 2004
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A pompous, lying, four flushing, low life jerk. The host of a radio and tv show who thinks that George W. Bush is the second coming or some other dammed thing. A man who thinks that if you so much as look at Bush funny you're either a traitor or a terrorist sympathizer. Always cries wolf about the next 9/11 style attack that he thinks is just around the corner unless Bush is allowed to crap and piss all over the constitution and bill of rights.
Kind of like Bill O'Reilly.
by jesster79 January 24, 2005
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To ban someone from your site or area if they disagree with you or pose any threat to your fear-induced society built upon using God's name to discriminate against homosexuals, African Americans, and anyone who is different from you in general.
Sean Hannity him already, he's a God damn liberal!

Don't let them Sean Hannity me!
by Dan Drucker July 06, 2004
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1. to be so full of neo con bullshit that your sense of shame no longer functions.
2. to lack what is known as 'logic'
3. to report exactly what the puppetmaster demands.
4. to toss carl rove's salad
1.'wow this is a hannity of a show!'
2.'iraq is harboring WMDS'(a hannity)
3.'haliburton, unicol, and united defense have nothing to do with cheney and the bush family'
4.'i had to hannity rove's in prison'
by bob March 10, 2005
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In addition to tossing karl rove's salad, he wears green tampons and has a soggy vagina. Plus he's full of conservative horse shit and used toilet paper. Plus, he loves our soldiers, but when he got a chance to serve for this great country, he stayed at home and wacked off to pictures of Oliver North and Ronald Reagan. I wonder how he knows the definition of "fisting."
I saw Sean Hannity last night on Miracle Mile picking up a fat swamp donkey who looked like Ann Coulter.
by Jigga J March 18, 2005
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A blindly right pundit for the Fox News Channel who also has a radio show. He is a hypocrit, a partison hack, and a liar.

True Quote-

Well, in addition to the absence of evidence about hisJOHN KERRY Indian heritage, there is an absence of evidence, just like John Kerry, that he ever was in combat in Vietnam.
Sean Hannity blindly disregards the truth
by ben1 August 24, 2005
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A right wing propaganda shit slinger that works for a fake news channel and has his own brain washing radio show. Unable to support his own points unless paired with a wimpy pseudo leftist like Allen Colmes or able to control the microphones to cut off decent. Like many right wingers he has an over inflated view of how tough he is but has never had the guts to prove it. Also, like most right wingers, has never served a day in the military but does not hesitate to wrap himself in the flag and send others to war. Proof that you don't have to be able to tell the difference between your ass and your elbow to be financially successful in the US as long as you will kiss the right asses.
If I wear expensive suits, act like I know everything, act like I can kick everyones ass, and get a retarded dog and name him Allen I could be a Sean Hannity.
by Chuck Scheid October 07, 2007
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