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The person that Satan looks to for inspiration.
On The Today Show, Ann Coulter blamed migranes, the destruction of Pompeii, and the extinction of the wooly mammoth on liberals.
by Ann Cou|ter June 08, 2006
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A person who gets the vaccine and and flaunts it will high end shopping, trips, and parties
Once Lisa got the vax she turned into such a vaxinista
by M. Wolly March 23, 2021
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1. Someone I would pay a lot of money to see Mr T donkey punch.
2. The crziest bitch on the planet
"I pitty the fool who writes this bullshit!"
by shyjason August 13, 2005
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A woman who's made a career out of making fun of people who believe in freedom and the Bill of Rights.
Ann Coulter wielded the strap-on while Pat Robertson slumped beneath her sturdy thighs, his fingers grasping a .45 and the King James Bible, as they chanted in tandem "kill them all."
by Isabel J. November 11, 2005
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1. A woman whose politics are devoid of logic, reason, and/or sanity.
2. Dirty republican vundercunt.
3. See douchebag
<i>I had a horrible date last night, she turned out to be an Ann Coulter</i>
<i>I had to leave him when he called me Ann Coulter, who would stand for that kind of abuse?<i>
by signine May 05, 2005
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