A person whose ego exceeds both his intelligence and his capacity to see beyond his own personal interests.
Dictionaries of the future will define "egomaniac" with a photograph of George W. Bush in a flight suit.
by mntnman August 31, 2005
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1)A self-absorbed waste of oxygen who expects us to grovel at their feet like the unwashed masses they see us as

2.) Someone who talks just to hear themselves (because no-one else will listen)

3.) Someone who posts definitions of their name because they think people care who they are.

4.) The French.
(Unless their country is getting its ass kicked by some invading foreign army then they beg on hands and knees)

5.) US magistrate judges I don’t know if you ever seen one in court but the bastards think they’re GOD (especially when they presiding in mediocre unknown little hic-towns or suburbs)
When in Rome do as the Romans do, when a Celebrity be egomaniacal. (NEVER to be confused with ecumenical)
by Kalynn Smith-Fabrizio December 9, 2003
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Junior the egomaniac = the forbidden one. The father of chaos and all things forbidden.

Often depicted as a blonde haired and blue eyed man his true form remains unknown yet he is well known for the religion based on him known as “juniorism” for anyone that follows him shall be known as “children of grime” or “juniortrooper”

A SoundCloud rapper and controversial Internet personality who enjoys provoking people. Since he has no regard for the rules it’s very hard to offend or deter him from his goals which are usually malevolent and intended to cause chaos. he’s also infamously a tik toker but that’s another can of worms.

Junior the egomaniac is the OFFICIAL title given to junior grimes or Darnell grimes depending on which personality your referring to. Junior is a mentally ill man child who considers himself the worlds first supervillain

Junior the egomaniac is the true calling/title of this dirty kid as are many others but he is known for his HUGE EGO so there’s that....
Person 1; yo check out this new J grimes song I’m listening to

Person 2: what? You listen to J grimes? That dudes a filthy brit

Person 1: oh yea, he’s entertaining as hell though,

Person 2; yea, maybe he should’ve been anything but a rapper

Person 1&2: *laughing*

J Grimes IS junior grimes “

OR “junior the egomaniac”


Group of Girls: *giggling*

Teacher: what’s so funny that you gals disrupt the class?

Girl 1: It’s junior grimes, he posted another cringey video!

Girl 2: omg yes, his tik toks are total cringe!

Teacher: you know what? You might be right

Entire Class: .....

Police: OMG that’s junior the egomaniac!

Swat team: shoot on sight!

Junior Grimes is an infamous egomaniac and Tik toker
by Neutronormalizer July 11, 2021
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A crazy kid who unintentionally started (yet most definitely deliberately) a movement after telling his story as the rejected outcast of society after failing to achieve his dream of becoming an artist now instead he became a villain and enjoys causing chaos and exposing those viler than himself

It’s easy to see why so many look up to him, he is there face and voice of all the rebels, outcast individuals, girls and boys who are imperfect. While the fake and shallow worship celebrities, the real people can follow the forbidden one; junior grimes the egomaniac

From a psychiatric standpoint I pity is boy as something horribly traumatic must have happened in his past that made everything else weak in comparison which is why he lacks shame or even guilt. This junior grimes kid shows no signs of embarrassment and merely has fun as the ships sinking.

Junior grimes is the one all e boys and e Girls fear, and for good reason, he exposes them and tells it like it REALLY IS.

Junior the egomaniac is the Internet superstar who’s infamous (or famous in some cases) for causing a group of internet dwellers to rebel against society and discriminates equally before you call him a racist.

I believe in junior grimes, you should too
Junior The Egomaniac: water is wet so I’m fine. I can’t turn water into wine but I can turn your boyfriend into your ex.

Juniors followers: OMGG HE IS GOD!


Junior The Egomaniac is prone to criminal versatility but that doesn’t make him evil, he’s just built different and has unknown vibes of energy searing off of his physique.
by Fix it failure July 23, 2021
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The pseudonym used by Junior Grimes, the british internet kid since he’s kind of a meme at this point. Junior the egomaniac is used to signify his overinflated ego and sense of himself since Junior grimes or “J. Grimes” is quite possibly the most conceited internet persona EVER.

Junior goes by the name “Junior the egomaniac” since most people don’t know his true name or his origins, he’s quite a mystery but I guess that’s what draws people especially woman to him.

J Grimes is famous for doing his own thing, he’s a loner albeit hides it with his dark and twisted sense of humor. Junior the egomaniac also takes the name in stride since he’s the outcast and embraces himself since he was once the rejected son.......
Judge: alright 40 years

Defendant: wait! Give me a chance, what if I gave you a sick fortnite handle?

Judge: I’m listening

Defendant: Junior the egomaniac

Judge: alright death penalty it is for you then...

Defendant: you can’t kill me if I’m already dead inside
by Somebody with a cat June 15, 2021
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Refers to someone who is an egomaniac and a jackass
egomaniacal jackass: Hey fuckers! I bet I can run 20km faster than you can and still have to energy to kick all of your asses!
non-egomaniacal jackass: Fuck off dude, I could knock you off your feet, stop being an egomaniacal jackass just to impress Brittany.
by benormous April 14, 2006
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An egomaniac who makes other egomaniacs look like wallflowers.
Being friends with a blazin’ neon egomaniac is never really possible.
by Dr Bunnygirl September 7, 2019
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