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The act of telling someone they will get the last word, and then interrupting them and taking it yourself.

To say someone is going to get the last word in a debate, then immediately interrupt them and put the last word in yourself.
To have that happen to you.
He ended the show with a hannity.

I am going to hannity the hell out of my opponent.
I thought it was a real news network until I was hannitied.
by Biddlybloop October 29, 2009
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The act of inserting ones fist into a republican's rectum then yelling "let freedom ring"; while holding a down syndrome baby on TV.
Sarah gave the American people a hannity at the Republican beer hall putsch.
by sergio the antichrist September 05, 2008
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1. A statement that is so deceptive or wildly inaccurate that it's amazing that the speaker even thought anyone would believe it in the first place.

2. A large, painful bowel movement that is likely to clog a toilet and cause shitty water to get all over the floor.
3. A large, painful bowel movement that has clogged a toilet and caused shitty water to get all over the floor.
1. "Then he gave me some hannity about gays causing hurricanes."
2. "Those tacos were great, but now I feel like I need to drop a hannity."
3. "Call the janitor. Some jerk left a hannity in the men's room."
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by ZeroCorpse December 09, 2017
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The definition of the word hypocrite. He is someone who is willing to overlook child abuse if you are on his 'team' but will publicly crucify you if you aren't.
Ken won't watch football any more because of the protests, but he still listens to NWA because it's edgy. He's such a fucking Hannity.
by AlfredPrufrock November 10, 2017
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