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An Irish word meaning liquid excriment. Runny poo (Diarrhoea)
i went to fucken kabab last night and this morning i had the scutters like good thing. Me ring is humming , ye know what i mean Anto man
by Grant Kirwan May 05, 2004
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a scutter (if you're from England) is someone who doesn't wash, has no job but sits on their stale asre watching trisher/kilroy all morning. They usually sport an huge collection of gold jewellery (purchased from Argos) and call their children- babby as apposed to baby.
Watch tv chatshow Trisha (if you're not at work that day!) the "guests" on that show will give you a rough idea. Tattoos, mullet,leggins etc....
by cluck July 23, 2003
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A tiny speck of shit that gets lodged in the dickhole of a man performing gay anal sex.
I could tell that I had been in a drunken gay orgy last night, because I woke up with several pieces of scutter in my teeth. Damn you ATM!
by johnny5 is alive June 05, 2010
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a person who is scutty. doesnt wash and doesnt work. wears ill fitting clothes and talks really loudly.
look at that scutter. they are different to chavs because they dont even try to look godd in their own funny way. they just dont care at all. i want to die.
by spanksy February 27, 2005
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Noun: A demeaning name given to a female, especially one who uses her sexuality to trap men for her own materialistic wants and financial stability. She will quite happily use more than one man at the same time even playing one off against the other.
She doesnt care about her men, she just wants to use them. She is a typical scutter.
by Rob-C August 16, 2006
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