like the n-word but for Mexicans
by Taksony November 23, 2020
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someone who is a boi and is not kind
Krisp, you're a speck!
by boiiboii321 March 5, 2019
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A psychotic action often done after one runs out of crack or rock. The user's mind is so fucked that he/she thinks that they must have dropped or hidden a piece of rock or crack so they proceed to bend over or get on their knees looking all over the ground or carpet to find this imaginary - but very real in their mind - piece they "dropped."
Ken: "I don't have anymore, and my boy is not answering his cell!"
Dick: "Is that it, I have $5 bucks and my Nikes if you can get another piece."
Ken: "He doesn't want shoes that are ripped to shit and $5 won't get you a slice of fucking soap knob!"
Ken - looking all over the living room, under the couch, in the closet picking up every piece of lint and bread crumb on the floor - "Fuck, I know I had another piece!"
Dick: "Quit specking guy, you're fucking me up...just go to bed!"
by psiscott April 9, 2006
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A guy with a small dick.

a dick that cant be rode on because its sooo small!!
Damn that dude got a speck!

Its so small i couldnt even ride it!! He really has a speck!
by DattChickDatt April 13, 2009
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On speck is like On god but replace god with Speckle from the Hit Show Tuca and Bertie
Dude that shit slapped on Speck frfr
by Speck February 7, 2023
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A word that is used to describe a girl beauty
Ahoy look at that speck, walking there!
Is it a speck?
by Boetieceej December 6, 2020
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Specked is an emotion too powerful to be confined to a single other word and expresses stress, surprise, excitement and confusion all at once.
I was feeling so specked earlier.

Did you see Georgia this morning?! She was looking really specked.
by SPECKED December 4, 2018
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