Very drunk, highly intoxiced, grossly inebriated etc...
Are you intending to get langered this coming Bank Holiday Weekend?
by Big Daddy Ede May 26, 2006
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so drunk that you can't stand up.
She was langered last night
She was so drunk she couldn't stand up.
by pad July 20, 2004
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Substitute for the word fingered, as coined by the subtle rudeboys/rudegirls of North West London.
My mate 'langered' that bar maid from Yates last weekend.
by Concerned Rudey June 3, 2007
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Slang term that denotes 'Penis'. However it is very versatile and can even be used as a term of affection.
You're some langer!

Can mean: You're a dickhead


You're an affable rogue.
by gozzy1 April 3, 2009
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Irish-English spoken in Cork:

Wanker, jerk-off
The langers from Dublin took the trophee
by Extract August 19, 2006
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Word of Cork origin. Has several meanings, depending on context.

1) Penis
2) Foolish person
3) To be intoxicated
1) I've got a huge langer, boy.
2) You're some langer, boy.
3) He was langers, boy.
by Snake November 24, 2005
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1. a penis
2. a dickhead

Originates from Cork, Ireland
1. "She bit me langer off"
2. "That fella's a langer"
by Oly March 26, 2005
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