How gay couples have sex. Usually done after one man gets done sucking another man's dick.
While Liam was taking a shower, Austin walked in and saw liam's massive cock. Liam tried to cover it up but Austin wanted to touch it. After Austin touched it, Liam wanted to see and touch Austin's. Soon Austin was on his knees sucking Liams dick. He was getting troatfucked so hard that he had Liam I'm in his mouth. Afterwards, Liam sucked off Austin. Austin than turned around and told Liam to stick it in him. Liam got behind Austin and tried to penetrate him. Once Liam was inside, he pumped away. After ducking Austin for a while, Liam turned around so Austin could fuck him in the ass. Before screwing Liam, autin kicked Liams butthole clean. He than stick his dick inside Liams butt and pumped away. After he had finished, he got on his knees and sucked Liam off again. They both than got into the 69 position and started to suck each other's dick. After they finished they finished their shower and went back at it on the bed. That is a brief description of gay anal sex.
by Dirty kinky 109 November 06, 2017
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