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me: woohoo! there goes a hot curry
bhav: i wouldnt mind a taste of that
by CrAzY mIdGeT March 15, 2004
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1. Hotcurry, n. A large volume of forcefully-ejected yellow diarrhea. This liquishit will likely exhibit qualities not unlike a Possessed Shit and most certainly burn your asshole, resulting in the unfortunate ring of fire. A veritable assplosion, but in a single, powerful stream. You *never* want to subject your MVPP to hotcurry, as it will certainly render it permanently unsuitable.

2. Hotcurry, v. The act of spraying hotcurry out of one's anus.
Chuck: "Dude, you look like ass. What the hell happened?"
Maurice: "Oh man, I think those tacos we ate in Mexico last night were rancid. I've spent the whole morning hotcurrying the bowl!"
by loathsome November 08, 2009
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