(1) One who is both an asshole and a dick, and who thereby acquires and exhibits the worst qualities of both.

(2) A detestably nasty person.

(3) The urethral opening.
You make my dickhole hurt, you dickhole!
by blenderpuppy February 26, 2004
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The urethra. The hole at the end of the dick.
I love my girlfriend's soapy handjobs in the shower, but later my dickhole burns like crazy.
by josh September 8, 2003
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a person who is worst than a dick. They are a dickhole. These people purposely ruin your day.
Dickhole-"you're so ugly"
me-"shut up dickhole!"
by richysdaddy March 4, 2017
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The place on underwear in which you can manuvre your penis to be outside of the underwear whilst the body is still in
Ahh Rosie O'Donell, so manly, she wears underwear with dickholes in 'em
<Chappelle Show, Playa Haters Ball>
by Clitty McClitster June 25, 2006
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worse than asshole and worse than being a dick,
that doctor is a such a dickhole, he aint shit!
by deeztc May 20, 2008
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when someone is been an absolute ASSHOLE the word "asshole" is just to soft for the situation
"omg, my mom took my fucking phone she was being such a dickhole to me"
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