Short for "prescription" - a note from a doctor to obtain controlled medicines (usually narcotics) from a pharmacist.
There's a doctor on the east side that will give a scrip for oxy to any junkie who says he has a back ache.
by suburbancow February 26, 2006
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Typically a middle to upper class white male who has no actual street knowledge and adopts an accent and dialect he has heard only in music videos and other music media and proceeds to act like a gangster.
Esp. repping blue.

Origin: Script and Crip
"Those aren't Crips... This is Ontario. Those guys are just scrips. If they listened to country music, it wouldn't make them cowboys."
by The Jayson July 19, 2009
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Abbreviation of scripple(see scripple). Refers to a trick, deutch bag, faggot, or someone that just plain pisses you off.
Dude, quit talking to me, you're a fucking scrip ass trick....scrip.
by Scrip Daddy May 7, 2005
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scrip is any unofficial currency used to replace legal tender/money.
For example, companies once used scip to replace workers pay checks. These workers then could exchange scrips for things in shops, owned by the companies.

Scrip was illegalized for this exact reason. Workers would rely on goods sold in these stores, usually at high markups, and if workers would want to leave they would become very poor because they weren’t paid with real money. Personally, it’s a perverted loyalty, that solely benefits the companies monopolies.
by DrAccius August 28, 2021
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prescription from a Dr. for pharacutical drugs.
That Dr. writes scrips for medical weed.
by Big Daddy Matty August 8, 2006
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An abbreviation of "scrap chips", scrips are the loose french fries that you find at the bottom of a McDonalds paper bag.

It is important to note that french fries are not defined as scrips until they have fallen out of the fries bag/box, and make their way between the burgers down to the base of the paper bag.

Scrips only become visible after you remove all other items from the bag. Therefore, they are usually eaten after you have finished your burger and french fries. While this means they are normally cooler in temperature than normal french fries, scrips provide the perfect ending to a McDonalds meal, especially when dipped into your chocolate thickshake.
"Oooh look !! Scrips !! Bonus !!"
by doc brown May 6, 2007
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im gonna go cop a long on the scrips, you want one?
by jameswordlife October 6, 2009
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