Short for the most tremendous medication ever created - OXYCONTIN! All one must do is remove the outer coating, crush into a fine powder, and then rail it in your nostrils!
Rump took hundreds of milligrams of oxy every day up his nostrils, and sat on the couch for a year and watched movies.
by Natan Buey January 30, 2004
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Short for oxycodone, not OxyContin which is actually a brand name. It's an opiate found in Percocet (with APAP), Percodan (with Aspirin), OxyContin (a time released form), and a few other brands as well. It is stronger than codein and hydrocodone, and some say it beats morphine as well. It's not as strong as oxymorphone (which you have to inject or take up the butt) or hydromorphone or heroin, but it's some lovely shit anyway
I was so fucked on oxy yesterday
by opiatehead March 07, 2005
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perscripiton narcotic pain killer with a chemical compostion almost identical to Heroin.
bobby was taking Oxys till he ran out of money, so he just switched to Heroin since it is cheaper and the High is the same!
by jkasjfsjf;laflsajf March 27, 2008
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oxy is a pill that is growing in popularity by the day, most likely in your hometown, and very likely in your neighborhood.Comes in a variety of different colors, so you can coordinate wich ones you snort with the clothes your wearing so the stain you get on your shirt from taking the coating off doesnt stand out. -lol- just kidding folks! DONT DO IT!!!
Yo, dont be so fuckin stingey wit that oxy man, break me off like 20 milleys or somethin. ill fuckin pay you back tomorrow bitch, i swear.
by /<ìÑg§pÀÐë June 11, 2006
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(oxcontin) or (oxycodone) fuckin great opioid based painkiller for the treatment of moderate to severe pain or a great trip, all one must do to eliminate time release (which isnt just the outer coating) is crush it then they can chew it, drink it with liquid, rail it, or inject it which is where it gets its nickname hillbilly heroin for its high when injected is comparable to that of heroin only it doesnt last as long
i jacked my leg playin b-ball an got all the oxy i need to party for the rest of the month
by tank720 May 07, 2007
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If someone uses the word oxy, they're refering to oxycontin. Only oxycontin is known as oxy, even though many other drugs contain oxycodone.
I can't stop doing oxy cause I'm an addict.
by pimpslap November 24, 2005
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Prescription drug which has a time release coating which is often scraped off and taken crushed down etc to gain full affect of drug. Sells on the street but cannot get firm price

Used by some instead of heroin,why?

Sounds less nasty maybe...
Hey Bro, you chasin...Nah man I'm not Jason, but Im looking for some oxy dude...
by mad dog March 05, 2005
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