1. Butthole artistry
2. Button on the keyboard
I have to use my pinkie AND index finger to correctly hit the ass trick
by kmurmur January 11, 2009
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1.Some one that is always messing up and or messing up someone flow ( aka game ).
2.Some one that broke somthing.
Term is used to show displeasure
This Bitch ass trick called my girl asking to chill
by joey-joe September 16, 2003
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How you let somebody know they straight up "weak as Malik" and ain't nobody like how they ackin' right quick. It's just like saying "Punk Ass Bitch" or "Lame Ass Ho" or even "Pussy Ass Ni**a"


I. A Mark is a Lame or a Sucka.

II. Adding "Ass" just sound better, we all know this. If it gotta explain this, take ur ass to bed.

III. A Trick is a GD trick, it can be:

1. a punk or a bitch or a lame.

2. a "john" aka someone who buying them hos.
3. Just another term for "thot", "skat", "ho" , "whore", "slut".
Take yo ass and that "Mark Ass Trick" witchu n BOUNCE!

Look at ol' girl over there straight hustling that Mark Ass Trick! Boy gonna be broke in the morning. Smh.
by AWES AF June 2, 2023
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A bitch, dat just cant seem to get her mind right
A sleezy Bitch known for Sleeping around
*Opens door*

"Shit Bitch, you with my Brotha Again, fuck both of yall, especially you, you Hoe ass trick"
by DTdaDon April 28, 2006
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1. A girl who doesnt know how to play COD very well
2. If a girl does something bad you demote her back to bitch ass trick
1. God, morgan is being such a bitch ass trick
2. Morgan, you just got demoted back to bitch ass trick.
by Dtrann February 26, 2010
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a bitch who things its alright to mess with one of your friends and lie about it
yo shoundra told me my girl slept with my hommie . i fucken called her up and said bitch you aint nothing but a mark ass trick ajtd
by zacarr July 8, 2012
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bitch who's always down to get blitzed, straight cock blockin your ass all night, sucks your dick without askin, and then fucks with your shit while your sleepin
That bitch erin was tossed last night; dat down ass trick was straight boppin on my dick and then stole my wallet
by cleo lemonade September 16, 2008
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