1) Incorrect spelling of Deutsch. Deutsch means "German" in German.

2) Incorrect spelling of Dutch. Usually a typo.

3) That person in those TV commercials (Her name is Roni Deutch) that says she'll get rid of your tax debt for "Only $20! $20!!!"
1) Misinformed people spell the word as "Deutch."

2) Those shoes look so Deutch.

3) "Hi, I'm Roni Deutch, and I'll settle your tax problems for only twenty dollars. TWENTY DOLLARS!!!"
by Pleepa May 11, 2005
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1. Creeping towards an individual or group of persons.
2. Staring blatantly at a female or male with the intent of further experimentation.
3. Making a woman or group of women run away from your presence.
4. Facebook stalking and the liking of 5 year old pictures.
Girl 1: "OMG here comes Will Deutch, what should we do?!"
Girl 2: "Run!"
Girl 1: "No, don't run, if you don't move he wont start Deutching on us."
by Andy Ohlsen December 2, 2013
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1) It's like Dutch, but way more bad ass!

2) A pussy fuck goon.

--It's not douche, but similar.
"You fucking deutch bag fuck!"

"Shibbity Deutch!"
by Dustin June 14, 2004
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Every morning after my first sip of coffee I have to Crank a Deutch.
by hambone. October 28, 2011
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when one farts in bed a traps his girlfriend under blanket
I deutch ovened a girl last night after sex.
by Mike November 23, 2003
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A form of masterbation where a person pretty much jacks off the other by moving their arm up and down for them. Its not gay at all
masterbation, jacking off, whacking it, gay, hand job, Deutch rudder
by dominican beast January 19, 2009
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1: A double goon dick.

2: Two goons fucking a goon.

3: deutching at your grandma's funeral...with some goons.
Poor goon, he got double deutched in his goonie.

He doubled deutched at the funeral, with that one goon from Home Alone.
by Dustin June 14, 2004
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