money that is legally valid for the payment of debts and that must be accepted for that purpose when offered
you go to the store and try to pay for something with pennies and the store turns u down well they must accept that payment say hey u must take it that is the legal tender law
by ddddd December 2, 2005
The definition of when a Broad is of "legal age of consent" this does vary from state to state
Hey Longbaugh, are these chicks Legal Tender? If not, we'll have to drive em to Indiana, hoooo!
by Jon Himself March 26, 2003
The name for a young lady or man who has become of the legal age to have sex. The phrase is in reference to the tenderness of their buttocks.
Did you see that little lass, I wonder if she is legal tender?
by Robert the Hairy December 11, 2011

When you take a SERIAL NUMBER of any currency and track spending of it by putting the SERIAL NUMBER on another CHANGE from the original CURRENCY UTILIZED.

Having LEGAL SEX that is for an indefinite time where every SEX ACT is accounted for.
When someone gives you money as where you spend it and what is usually kept track of in some way so you might as well use LEGAL TENDER KITING as it will never have their trust for you bounce away from you but will in essence enhance it greatly.

Hey listen better do it right as LEGAL TENDER KITING is just what they you want to do where if they point you to be FIRST IN LINE you got others that are always SECOND IN LINE and that my friend may infer something.