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Nihilice, Once, Twice, Thrice, quadice, Quintice, Sexice
by DrAccius November 17, 2021
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Performative irony is when sincere things are said in such away that makes it seem ironic or not serious. While people who believe in what is being said takes it seriously. Performative irony is most common on the internet, where opinions are fluid and trolls plentiful.

This term was originally coined by Innuendo Studio’s video “The Alt-Right Playbook: The Card Says Moops
Questionable Troll: “ nazis did no wrong”
Normal Person: “Okay, troll”
Actual Nazi: “Yes, nazis are an oppressed group, we need to rise above”
Normal person: “Woah— that was a joke right? That wasn’t Performative Irony please?…”
by DrAccius August 26, 2021
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Once, Twice, Thrice, Quadice, Quintice, Sexice, Septemice, Octoice
by DrAccius November 16, 2021
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The cheststate is a fictional anatomical structure, where an additional prostate is located in the chest region. The only reason for a cheststate to exist in a character is because of porn logic, or in other words, to choke on a fat cock. This structure was initially invented for furry porn which is unsurprising. Rule 34 still holds true.
“Why, the fuck does this character have a cheststate!”
Furry logic
by DrAccius November 16, 2021
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A Booby Puritan is someone who religious insists that babies should by fed breast milk instead of baby formula. Some more extreme Booby Puratans may expand this idea to replacing all milk in a child’s diet with their own breast milk, for example cookies.
Karen, the Booby Puritan, is feeding her 8 year old child breast milk. Frankly, this is disgusting, she should of stopped.
by DrAccius October 19, 2021
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A homoseggual is used frequently on Tiktok to bypass the censor for the word homosexual. You also can say a homoseggual is a sexier homosexual.
For the L A V E N D E R S O C I E T Y is a secret society, of homosegguals.
by DrAccius October 27, 2021
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When one requests if a seat close to a person is awaiting to be occupied by another person. Usually the phrase, “Is this seat taken” is uttered in public spaces such as buses, planes, or trains; where supposed travelers may move together.
Person A: Sits on a bus seat
Person B: “Is this seat taken?”
Person A: “No, it isn’t”
Person B: Calmly, sits adjacent to Person A.

Nothing novel or humorous transpires to keep the readers interest.
by DrAccius January 2, 2022
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