I be repping my hood back in the 313.
by zwzuzdzuz September 22, 2008
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verb: The act of playing halo 2 online. Derived from the word representing as in to represent ones skills or region.
"Is anyone up for some repping?"
"Are you guys repping the 189?"
"Damn Bern, that was some poor repping."
by Shannon Brown April 2, 2005
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Something you put on someone's Steam profile when they're a nice guy, they did something good, or you just want to show them respect. Usually giving someone rep means that they made a good trade with that person, but that's not always the case.
by EpicTyphlosion April 14, 2019
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1. "I be repping Brick City muh-fuckas."
2. "That fool has a bad rep."
by Diego September 1, 2003
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Sneakers usually made with the same materials, same standards and factories in the same countries as the originals.
Kids these days be wearing reps.

They done f*cked the game up.
by Yiisus November 12, 2021
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Stands for "Reputation +" and is used on forum that uses a "reputation" system where users can add or subtract reputation points from each other. "Rep+" is a common response to a post another user liked and "repped+" the original poster. (See rep-)
User 1: "This is a funny post"
User 2: "lol, rep+"
by Kujila August 13, 2005
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Short for "represent." So... "represent it." As in... promote what you do, what you are, what you love, whatever affiliation you're apart of.
"I freaking love this weird subgenre of music, but none of my friends are into it."
"Whatever man... rep it. Do you."

"I am a part of this kickass group on Facebook."
*takes a picture of self representing it/being a part of it"
Caption: "Rep it."

*Has picture of self doing a hobby and looking badass*
Friend's response: "Rep it!"
by pseudovocals November 30, 2016
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