Repping is a colloquial verb used to sum up that someone or something is representing an area or something relavent to their lives.

can be abreviated to 'rep'
'I be repping ma city'- rick ross

'I rep for the fam'
by razmania August 29, 2008
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From the online game Eve-Online - a term used to describe repairing shield, armor or hull of a ship or structure achieved either by yourself or by another player doing it remotely.
"I'm outsdie the station repping my hull"

"I'll start shield repping you as soon as I am close enough"
by englebertist July 18, 2009
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verb: The act of playing halo 2 online. Derived from the word representing as in to represent ones skills or region.
"Is anyone up for some repping?"
"Are you guys repping the 189?"
"Damn Bern, that was some poor repping."
by Shannon Brown April 01, 2005
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