A person that attends school for lot of chemistry and math. Also known as a professsional drug dealer at Wal Mart. A person who is well informed of the thousands of side effects medications give you.
Hey just ask your pharmacist the side effects of viagra next time you think your going blind Ken
by 1lizard March 22, 2008
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An individual who turns coffee and shitty handwriting into life saving medications.
I'm glad the pharmacist was able to get me the drugs that saved my life
by PharmD2013 May 6, 2019
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A pharmacist is a health care provider who specializes in medication management; someone who helps patients get the most out of their medications with the least amount of side effects. Pharmacists are the most knowledgeable health care providers in the field of medication therapy and are clinically to trained to interact with patients and help resolve any drug therapy problems patients may have. A pharmacist is an important member of the health care team and valuable asset and resource for other health care professionals and patients alike.
I met with my pharmacist today to talk about my current medications.
by PharmPhriend February 18, 2015
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A person trained to just to understand a doctor's handwriting
*Doctor*: was the Pharmacist trained to read my shitty handwriting?
by ZolaXII November 14, 2020
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