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When you're watching a serious TV show and some smart ass in the household casts a lame YouTube video to the ChromeCast.
Hey Tom can you stop chromeblasting Rick Astley videos. We're trying to watch 60 Minutes
by doc brown February 08, 2015
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Verb. To masturbate while looking at photos of busty, but clothed, late teenage girls on popular image hosting sites as webshots and photobucket. The term originated in 2005 after the release of a plethora of photos of a pleasant, outgoing girl with the surname "Wenk".
I could really wenk to that photo
by doc brown May 09, 2007
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(noun) The practice of secretly showing one or both testicles while standing in the background of a photo. Can be either the through-zipper or above-trousers type.

Made famous by Nathan in the Chris Lilley comedy Angry Boys.
Nath's got this new thing he does, it's called sneaky nuts. Fucking classic. Stands in the back of a photo, rips out one ball, sometimes two. Sometimes through the zipper, other times above the trousers. He tends to mix it up a bit so you never know what you're gonna get. Fucking brilliant Nathan is.
by doc brown April 03, 2011
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A series of 3 Rugby League games held each year in Australia between teams from New South Wales and Queensland.

Started in 1980, the series has achieved legendary status and is now the showpiece of world rugby league. Teams are selected from the best players in the NRL, based on where the players played their junior rugby league. As a result the matches are usually filled with exciting plays, individual brilliance and memorable tries.

A similar concept was attempted by the AFL during the 1980's but failed dismally.

SOO (abbrev.) Individual matches are referred to as SOO1, SOO2 and SOO3.
Hey Davo, do you remember that Mark Coyne try in State Of Origin '94? What a ripper!
by doc brown June 23, 2007
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A general compliment to someone. Australian colloquialism.
Great joke, Davo !! Love your work !!!
by doc brown June 27, 2007
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Verb. (Australian colloquialism) To be thrown off a moving object at high speed, arms and legs flailing, landing on a hard surface and sustaining multiple wounds and broken bones.
Slow down on that bike, Stevo!! You're gonna come-a-gutsa!!
by doc brown September 01, 2007
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When you decide that your birthday should last the whole week, you take the week off work, have multiple parties and go out every other night.
Happy birthweek, Julie.
by doc brown November 15, 2007
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