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Verb. To remove a prawn's digestive system during the shell peeling process.

A prawn (or shrimp) will normally shit itself when it realises it has just been thrown into boiling water or on a barbecue. Therefore after the prawn is cooked, and you peel off the shell, you will find a string of black stuff running down its back. This can be easily removed by digging the index finger in just behind its head, grabbing the black string-like thing and pulling down towards the tail. This is commonly known as "depooping".
Hey, did you depoop this prawn? I see black stuff !!
by doc brown June 6, 2007
Verb. To masturbate while looking at photos of busty, but clothed, late teenage girls on popular image hosting sites as webshots and photobucket. The term originated in 2005 after the release of a plethora of photos of a pleasant, outgoing girl with the surname "Wenk".
I could really wenk to that photo
by doc brown May 9, 2007
The consequences of voting for Donald Trump & Mike Pence.
If you vote Republican, you'll get your cometrumpence!
by doc brown July 21, 2016
An abbreviation of "scrap chips", scrips are the loose french fries that you find at the bottom of a McDonalds paper bag.

It is important to note that french fries are not defined as scrips until they have fallen out of the fries bag/box, and make their way between the burgers down to the base of the paper bag.

Scrips only become visible after you remove all other items from the bag. Therefore, they are usually eaten after you have finished your burger and french fries. While this means they are normally cooler in temperature than normal french fries, scrips provide the perfect ending to a McDonalds meal, especially when dipped into your chocolate thickshake.
"Oooh look !! Scrips !! Bonus !!"
by doc brown May 6, 2007
When you need to go to the toilet so badly that the poo is starting to make an appearance from your bum hole.

Usually accompanied by walking around on tippy-toes and gritting your teeth.
Oh man! Where's the nearest restrooms? I've got a curious tortoise!!
by doc brown May 29, 2007
Verb. (Australian colloquialism) To be thrown off a moving object at high speed, arms and legs flailing, landing on a hard surface and sustaining multiple wounds and broken bones.
Slow down on that bike, Stevo!! You're gonna come-a-gutsa!!
by doc brown September 1, 2007