23 definitions by doc brown

Confirmation that you have the same football card as one from your friend's collection.

havengoddit (antonym)

(flicking through your friend's football card collection) "Goddit, goddit, goddit, goddit, goddit, goddit, goddit, goddit, goddit, goddit, .... <pause> ..... havengoddit ..... goddit, goddit, goddit, goddit, goddit, goddit ...."
by doc brown June 12, 2007
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Verb. To remove a prawn's digestive system during the shell peeling process.

A prawn (or shrimp) will normally shit itself when it realises it has just been thrown into boiling water or on a barbecue. Therefore after the prawn is cooked, and you peel off the shell, you will find a string of black stuff running down its back. This can be easily removed by digging the index finger in just behind its head, grabbing the black string-like thing and pulling down towards the tail. This is commonly known as "depooping".
Hey, did you depoop this prawn? I see black stuff !!
by doc brown June 06, 2007
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Verb. (Australian colloquialism) To be thrown off a moving object at high speed, arms and legs flailing, landing on a hard surface and sustaining multiple wounds and broken bones.
Slow down on that bike, Stevo!! You're gonna come-a-gutsa!!
by doc brown September 01, 2007
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When you're watching a serious TV show and some smart ass in the household casts a lame YouTube video to the ChromeCast.
Hey Tom can you stop chromeblasting Rick Astley videos. We're trying to watch 60 Minutes
by doc brown February 08, 2015
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When you decide that your birthday should last the whole week, you take the week off work, have multiple parties and go out every other night.
Happy birthweek, Julie.
by doc brown November 15, 2007
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The toilet water that splashes up on to your bum when you do a crap, accompanied by a 'plop' sound.
I just did a crap and had major blobsplash. Lucky there was a towel handy.
by doc brown October 01, 2007
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