When two raging lesbians get naked and strap dildos to their foreheads, they get down on all fours and crawl around trying to penetrate each other.
My lesbian roommate tried playing screwnicorns and ended up finding out she likes anal.
by zwicks December 17, 2004
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1. (noun) a lesbian with a dildo strapped to her forehead

2. (verb) to penetrate another with a dildo strapped to ones forehead, like a crazed unicorn.

3. (verb) to battle a rival lesbian to near death by clashing forehead dildos in a stag-like manner.
1. The screwnicorn winced as her dildo hit the doorframe.
2. The whiplash injury was a result of a drunken screwnicorn.
3. The angry girls had a screwnicorn over the hot chick.
by CeltGal April 3, 2007
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When a dyke puts her strap-on dildo on her forehead and proceeds to go at her partner like a crazed unicorn.
i wish I had a screwnicorn
by ryan P December 15, 2003
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when you put a strap on dildo on your head and fuck a girls vagina with your head
turn into a screwnicorn and fuck me with your head!
by dogisadildoluvr January 1, 2010
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putting a strap on around your forhead and screwing a girl while on anphetamines.
the screwnicorn is about as odd as the cleavland steemer!"
by nicknicknicknick November 5, 2006
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2 ppl gettin screwed by dildos attached to their heads.
Jared Deutsch was getting lonely, so his buddy David Marselles used his flawless screwnicorn ability to please his buddy.
by JON SHAFER March 29, 2005
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a funnie fucking act involving a dyke putting a starp-on on there forehead and scuttlin there scuttlin friend like a bull
hey man iam in to dykes fucking hell i would suck their cunt right off
yeah so
well i seen two carpet munchers fucking right and they did some-fucking-thing that is called the screwnicorn they did the screwnicorn well it made me fucking climax
lucky cunt i only seen the missionary position
get it up yeh
go and fuck yourself
by Jackroll April 2, 2006
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