putting a strap on around your forhead and screwing a girl while on anphetamines.
the screwnicorn is about as odd as the cleavland steemer!"
by nicknicknicknick November 04, 2006
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when you put a strap on dildo on your head and fuck a girls vagina with your head
turn into a screwnicorn and fuck me with your head!
by dogisadildoluvr December 31, 2009
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a funnie fucking act involving a dyke putting a starp-on on there forehead and scuttlin there scuttlin friend like a bull
hey man iam in to dykes fucking hell i would suck their cunt right off
yeah so
well i seen two carpet munchers fucking right and they did some-fucking-thing that is called the screwnicorn they did the screwnicorn well it made me fucking climax
lucky cunt i only seen the missionary position
get it up yeh
go and fuck yourself
by Jackroll April 02, 2006
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2 ppl gettin screwed by dildos attached to their heads.
Jared Deutsch was getting lonely, so his buddy David Marselles used his flawless screwnicorn ability to please his buddy.
by JON SHAFER March 29, 2005
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Chinese business owners that don't believe in playing by the rules by illegally importing sub-standard products that give us Americans a nightmare buying experience when the product breaks before ever being used or catches on fire while in use or simply falls apart during use. Chinese business owners screw over their employees by underpaying them like slaves and don't feel its necessary to pay them on time because it's not important to them because they have millions in the bank. Chinese business owners that strap dildos to their heads and walk around screwing their employees over time and time again.
Man I wish that I didn't work for the Screwnicorns (Chinese) because they are always chasing me around the office with dildos on their head to make me submissive to their devious business plan of screwing over hard working Americans by selling them sub-standard product.
by FUNNY GUY 77 July 13, 2011
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