The process by which an athlete (usually football) embarasses a defending player through a play of exceptional athletic ability. Thereby making the opossing player look like a bitch.
Get Naked:

Pete: Did you see Tyrone Prothro's catch?
Erik: Yeah, he just fucking got naked!

(In reference to the 2005 Alabama Southern Miss game)
by Erik NPV September 21, 2006
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To remove all your articles of clothing so you are left standing in your birthday suit.
Yesterday it was Alex's first time trying mushrooms, he was messed up and thought it would be funny to get naked.
by diseased sheep July 13, 2006
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Forcing peoples to take off theirs pants-ss, and underdrawers. Usualy consisting of the middle, and index finger of the right hand outstreched, and shaking up and down twice. Often used by crooked cops, and pimps.
Fred told Jane to "GET NAKED!"
by Joshizzle February 28, 2005
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An expression of agreement or affirmation.

Used as a substitute for "Ok" because you get pissed off whenever someone texts that back to you after you've made an important statement.
"Everybody meet up at the museum at 12".

"Let's get naked!"
by iKhriz December 24, 2012
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It's National get naked day!
So go out and get naked my friends!

Have fun!
P1- Hello!
P2- Get naked!
P1- Why?
P2- It's National get naked day!
P1- Okay!
by ImADummy June 22, 2021
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