someone who is unwanted who butts in a conversation when u weren't talking to them it can be anything
U just scraped in u weren't even playing
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
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A girl who has sex with a lot of guys or "gets around". Basically a ho/whore.
Sheena: "she just had sex with jojo last nite and now she's all up on robert".

Larayne: "Girl. Why r u acting so suprised. evrybody knows Natalie's a scrape."
by Kandygrl March 21, 2010
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In desperation of a hit of T.H.C from the resin left in the stem of a bong...once the thick black stinky resin has been scraped...it is mixed with the tabbacco from old cigarette butts
"Man I'm hangin like a nutsack for a hit...but we got no hydro...guess we'll just have to scrape..got any ciggy butts for the mix?"

"This dude sraped a stem from his bong...waited for the resin to dry out...then sold it for hash...what a shifty cunt"
by -SKITZO- March 20, 2006
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A term used in reference to a sexually transmitted disease.
A sexually transmitted disease.
Yo dog, you take it easy and watch out for them scrapes!
That bitch gave me the scrapes.
Doctor, i think i got the scrapes.
by L-Town September 12, 2006
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A Term mainly used in videogames , which mainly means 'raping' scrubs , scrubs are used in videogames which is technically the same thing as noob,
DUDE ! you just scraped those noobs , lets teabag them yeah?
by LickMe831 October 04, 2010
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