A person who neither belongs in the "Drape" or "Square" category. A bit of both good and bad.
Allison is such a scrape, one day she'll party with us and then the next she's home doing homework!
by :///// May 29, 2018
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Scrapes could be many things but here are some possible meanings:
1 (Noun): the resin scrapings in a cone
2 (verb): Being harmed in a scraping way
3. (Noun): bits of grazed flesh or skin scraped from roads or paths
by Deathgripsfan53 March 09, 2019
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A hot girl or guy's friend that isn't as good looking but still deserves respect
I can't wait to pick up Mike's scrapes
by Boooooopabdhshgs April 29, 2018
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noun: A person who listens or joins into the conversations of people unbeknown to him.

verb 1: to scrape, or scrape in, involving yourself in other peoples discussions.

verb 2: Scrape, or Scrape out! is said to scrapes when they scrape in. It then grew into generally meaning "go away". Can be used in lot's of situations
"Gerald is such a scrape, we were chattin about Laura and he joins in like he knows me"

"Bob totally scraped into their group, he's a twat"

jim: *punches Mark*
Mark: "Scrape out you dickhead!"
by shank everymans January 20, 2006
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