superior to the average.
Also a potent strain of weed/canibus of purple color.
get purple city byrd gangs mixtape rags 2 riches it
by The Kufi Slapper March 20, 2005
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A word most London youth use to describe someone's appearance. Used when the person is attractive.
- Boi to friend: "Oi..swear down dat gyal der is piff, she got her own swagga an' ting"

- Friend: "Alie she is...but she aint for yu doe"

- Boi: Allow yu man
by DatCyuteWunn September 7, 2009
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that bomb ass weed, that fiyah, that purple thats wat it is
yo roll up a dime a this piff rite here an ull feel tremendous for hours
by Hi-JiNx January 31, 2005
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im tryin to grab this little piff sack.
by freddie bunz November 16, 2007
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a potent strain of marijuana, primarily the haze plant. it is known for its numerous THC crystals and for its distinct high and smell. Also used to describe something to be superior to average.
Yo I got that piff my nigga.
Yo pass that piff nigga I don't got all day.
Damn nigga, that new mixtape is str8 piff.
by AbzTraKt July 5, 2006
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it is primarily "purple haze." from uptown NYC.
sheist bub invented that pif
by Shake Dog April 17, 2005
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