The first people in Australia was the Aboriginals long before British settlement
by Basjack February 4, 2018
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The Indigenous race of Australia who have cared for the land for the past 60,000 plus years and maintained the environment in pristine condition until a bunch of greedy English Aristocrats decided to dump their unwanted humans here. Somehow the Aboriginals have managed to survive military onslaught and massacres as well as deliberate poisoning and even testing of Nuclear weapons on them. The constant rape and enslavement resulted in fair skin Aboriginal people being born but not claimed by the white people and they and the full-bloods were forced onto reservations and missions to be 'bred out' and absorbed into the wider community. Today the Aboriginal race is thriving again and asserting their rights much to the dislike of the colonial overlords and their red-neck descendants.
Aboriginal people are NOT victims, we are SURVIVORS and will outlast all the racist scum who comment below!
by Dundalli Doyle. February 6, 2018
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One of the native peoples of Australia, the other being Torres Straight Islanders.
Before Europeans came to Australia there were hundreds of different tribes and languages. Many were killed and few traditional languages remain.
The Aborginials have been in Australia for 50,000 years.
by Rebecca March 5, 2004
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A proud and beautiful race of the first nations of the great continent of Australia. Centuries of genocide and systematic dismantling of their language, lands and culture have seen them reduced to a being strangers in their own land. A vibrant people with much to offer.
The treatment of Aboriginal people is Australia's greatest shame
by proudancientculture February 7, 2018
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The term Aboriginal derives from Latin Europe. The Aborigine were a people from Latium, now Lazio, in what is now known as Italy. This is part of European mythology. The original Aborigine were genocided by invading cultures. Their leader was Latinus, and his mother was Pandora.

The term Aboriginal is now arrogantly given to the first inhabitants of any lands that are invaded by Europeans, especially the English. The name is given because the invading forces are mocking the original inhabitants, that they will meet the same fate as the original Aborigine, but also to destroy their original identity by imposing upon them a false one. Acts of genocide. The term Indigenous is also used for this purpose because under western Roman law it means to be accepted into the English realm via parliament.

The use of Latin identities for first peoples and cultural others is not uncommon. Europeans called people of African heritage Negroes, and called people of Asian and Middle Eastern heritage Orientals. Palestinian Oxford educated academic and writer Edward Said tells western culture uses these Latin terms this within his book Orientalism. Said claims that the Latin identity terms are a generalisation of first peoples by western culture in order to construct laws, institutions and history to control cultural others.

(To set the record straight and allow the Original First Peoples to be FREE!! of colonial labels constructed to control and oppress)
Lieutenant James Cook 1770 East Coast of Eora/ Dharawal (Australia/ Sydney aboard the HMS Endeavour): "I can see the Aboriginal"

Eora/ Dharawal peoples (looking out to sea from the shore): Wal-yan-gung!! Wal-yan-gung!! (now Wollongong) "The monster comes!! ...the monster comes!!"
by OSTNNU February 7, 2018
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The people who lived in and cared for country in Australia for 50,000 years before colonisation.

The people who continue to survive in Australia despite colonisation.

The Originals.
The Aboriginal people of Australia are the curators of the oldest human culture on planet earth.
by Kei Mac February 7, 2018
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A native inhabitant of a country.

Unlike a lot of definitions on here, NOT Australian natives. They travelled there by boat, just like the English did.
Those Aboriginal's aren't the original inhabitants.
by Blackdudette August 25, 2007
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