After proving unsuccessful in numerous attempts to pick up an attractive woman, moving on to the woman of lesser quality with the sole purpose of sleeping with them. "Scraping" is a last resort and is only to be attempted when all other options have been exhausted.
"Hey, this place is about to close I'm about to go scrape these two fat chicks over there for us"

"I'm not having any luck with all the bitches in this club tonight, time to do some last minute scraping"
by CBass151 September 14, 2011
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When someone cuts in your conversation awkwardly. They are unwanted and irrelevant.
Jennifer: Hey Lauren do you remember that time when we went on the rollercoaster?
Lauren: omg yeah that was lit
Jennifer: No one asked you stop scraping
by lolololololol_memes March 14, 2017
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Like scissoring but with dicks.
The guys were scraping together

When two guys scrape
by Brieandaaron November 22, 2016
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referring to the loser of a one-sided fight
1.)He got scraped
2.)My man scraped his ass
by Thates2002 August 23, 2010
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Similar to 'owned.' Used to describe a total domination of the opposition.
by Steve Zaepfel January 16, 2008
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To describe a person intruding on something. To say that one has come out of nowhere and intruded on a conversation.
Originates from Pupils at Gunnersbury Catholic School West London
'two people have a conversation', 'another person listens in'
one person out the original two people says "scrape out" to the other person.

'a person wants to join a gang' one of the gang members say "scrape out u wasteman, your just a scrape from the bin*"

*implies person is a tramp and is on the same level as a scrape from the bin.
by Mkaywest December 2, 2007
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When a person intrudes on ones conversation or activities when not invited or asked.
Andrew: This piff is bangin!
Patrick: Yeah i know!
Dan Bell: Can i try some
Andrew: Stop Scraping in!


Tom: Wanna go ice skating?
Ricardo: Ok
Dan Bell: Yeah what time
Tom: You really need to stop Scraping in NOW!
by waterboy2510 March 24, 2010
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