(noun) 1. Used to describe a dirty person, place, thing or action.
1. "That homeless man is fucking scrape!"
- "Ah this house looks pretty scrape, lets boot it the fuck outta here!"
by Binkers October 26, 2005
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To rub the head of one's penis on the tante on another man
"Dude I scraped her til I got purple tip"
by Feast April 09, 2015
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Another name for toilet paper. Used to scrape the shit from one's ass.
Don't forget to grab some scrape at the store today, I had to wipe my ass with newspaper last night.
by A tortured soul April 14, 2006
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When someone says something wrong that was obvious.
"hey my birthdays tommarow!" -Person 1

"Dude, tight, happy birthday!" -Person 2

"Wait no I thought it was in September" -Person 3

"...wow dude it is September.." - Person 2

" dude you stoopid, scrape!" - Person 1

Person 3 scrape for being stupid
by SunniSurfer September 10, 2008
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To pick someone up in your vehicle.
"You tryin' to have me scrape you?"
"Want me to scrape you after work?"
"I'm about to skate through and scrape you up."
by mgrizzay March 31, 2008
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To entice or convince a member of the opposite sex that you are a viable sexual partner. Likened to "scraping gum off the sidewalk, or ones shoe", the scrape is a verb describing the ulterior motive that the conversation or interaction holds, with one party's final interest in sexual intercouse. Used in a derogatory manner with similar meaning to flirting, charming, propositioning.
Hey man, let's go to the bar tonight to scrape on some chicks
I was totally scraping on that girl at the social event yesterday
That guy was really trying to scrape and couldn't tell that I wasn't interested
by HypeSound February 28, 2018
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