The thick chunk of fecal matter that inexplicably remains stuck to the inside of one's thigh after a bad bout of diarrhea. Typically necessitates a shower, or, at the least, a new pair of underwear.
"You guys fuck or what, bro?"
"Fucking hell, man. She wanted to eat my ass, so I went to the bathroom to clean up. I used three rolls of paper, and as soon as I stood up, I felt a huge chunk of schlep down there."
"Hahaha, fuck man. What did you do?'
"I told her I was gay and left."
by David Acetay March 15, 2019
A person who does the opposite of what they should or is being a huge douche, to the annoyance of those around them. An insult that is usually made between friends or to label a person a group of friends do not like.
That flid was such a schlep last night.

That schlep leaves his trash all over our place.
by SchlepMaster February 5, 2013
Noun- Acronym for Secular Communist Humanist Liberal Evolutionist Progressive.

Sometimes spelled SHLEPP, which is an acronym for Socialist Heathen Leftist Environmentalist Progressive Pagan.

These two acronyms are totally interchangable, adaptable, and modifiable, e.g., one could use SCHLEP as Socialist Commie Heathen Liberal Eviro-fag Pussy, and it would still have the same meaning.
Girl #1: So, did that guy in your Creative Environmental Alarmism class ever ask you out?

Girl #2: You mean the SCHLEP? Yeah, he asked me to go to the Dave Matthews concert, but I told him I'd rather give myself a root canal than ever hear another Dave Matthews song. I doubt that little SHLEPP could satisfy his chihuahua.
by YouAlreadyKnowWhoIAm March 29, 2010
when one becomes so hammered that they forget everything that happens.
last night i got so schlepped.
dude, i know. you kissed a dude.
wow. i cant remember that
by jdeere6 May 14, 2010
When you affix your phallus or penile member into the anal cavity of another person, or perhaps animal, dead or living, and go to sleep while in coitus.

The phallus must remain penetrated through the sphincter in order to be designated as schlep and not sleep, otherwise the person is not schlepping and merely sleeping.
I love just getting home after a long day at work and schlepping with my dog.
by Knowledge Asphyxiates December 10, 2010
I'm so schlep rn.

I really need some schlep.
by Schlepman November 16, 2017
To barely sleep / lightly sleep. (Schlept, Aschleep)
Tom was so damn stressed out about his exam, he schlept that night and could barely keep his eyes open the next day.
by i<3buttsecks223 February 19, 2015