A person who realizes science has evidence and creation does not. A term created by creationists to claim 90% of science is false because it claims evolution, abiogenesis, physics, chemistry, technology, and quantum mechanics explain everything we see and nothing has ever proven a god much less a creation.

It can also apply to religious people who believe in a god but also support the fact that science has evidence and their beliefs just have a book.
Those stupid evolutionists are always talking about everything coming from nothing and humans evolving from rocks.

When an evolutionist says millions of years know everything they say is false because the Bible says differently.
by Ursisterstoy February 17, 2018
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-Doesn't actually exist. There is no such faction or mindset as an 'evolutionist', which has so far not prevented the more literal-minded creationists from leaping on the title.
Evolutionist. -A fine example of poor English topped off with a platform to stand on.
by victorhadin December 8, 2003
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There's no such thing as an "evolutionist". There are creationists, and people too smart to be creationists.
Creationist: Are you an evolutionist?
Real person: *walks away
by 3dblack February 12, 2018
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One who theorizes that the second law of thermodynamics is false and that it's more believable for a lizard to give birth to a rat or a fish to give birth to a frog than for a supernatural force to deliberately designed all living things as they are.
My pet snake just gave birth to a chicken! Evolutionists are right!
by Brianator37 January 12, 2015
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A group of people who excell at trash talking religions, trolling yahoo answers, and using "science" to back up their theories that are taken from Discovery channel and that are changed every other day.

Some notable evolutionists were: Charles Darwin (who denounced his belief in it), Steven Hawking (he helps change it every other week with space-time theories), and a small percentage of public school teachers who actually believe the textbook is the truth.
Creationist: I believe God made the world.


Creationist: The facts are?


Creationist: So, because things look alike, that means they are related to each other and one evolved from another?

Evolutionist: Hold up, just got word the theories been changed, the monkeys turned into fish first, so that means the rabbits are.....

Creationist: Yup. Total proof.
by adud3withabrain May 29, 2011
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An individual who is an adherent of the evolutionism movement/philosophy. A word often used in contrast with creationist.
by Xenosaurian January 19, 2018
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evolutionist evolutionist evotard
/i vəˈlu ʃ(ə)nɪst,ɛ vəˈlu ʃ(ə)nɪst/
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a person who believes in the theories of evolution and natural selection.
An evolutionist is a person who has a belief that a species of animal can become another species, eg a fish can become human via a kind of magical time.
An evolutionist is a person who believes that their Great Grandparents are hairy monkeys.
Believes that non life (dust and rocks) can become life when this magical time is applied.

Often displays emotional hatred towards religious people and likes to spend their natural time attacking other faiths.
by Evolutionist October 21, 2019
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