to lug a giant box of yarmulkah up a tall steep flight of stairs by your shlong
Jewish guy: "I had to schlep"
"Hail OBAMA"

by Johnny cravittits February 24, 2009
a person who is completely of low class standards
Those teachers are schleps.

People who smoke pot are schleps.
by Forge and Shoosh February 24, 2005
noun, a sleep. can be used as "nap".
I'm going to go have a schlep.
by C March 28, 2005
1. one who drops some kind of food on their shirt.
2. usually occurs when one wears white!
I schlepped on myself and it stained my shirt...
by angelpuppy June 24, 2006
To go out looking for the company of the opposite sex, similar to pull. Mainly UK usage I believe.
I'm going on the schlep tonight. Hope I get lucky.
by jollypops July 7, 2006
Carrying or otherwise hauling equipment for your own band.

Mostly done when the band is not (yet?) famous, and thus has to carry equipment for themselves.
It's only called hauling if you have a road crew. Otherwise it's called schlepping.
by LordofthePing May 15, 2007