When your just done with the bull crap in life. The pain, being sad, feeling alone, not being able to make it through a day without crying, and many many more. It's when you just can't take it and your literally drained from it all. It's also the best excuse for when someone's asks if your sad or what's wrong and you honestly don't want to see another person not know how to react to your sadness. You wish someone would finally say "tired of what?" But no one does and it kills you but you get used to and just stick to saying your tired and hope that one day someone would know that your not tired but just drained from everything and need someone.
Someone: hey, what's wrong, are you okay?
You: yea im just tired.
Someone: oh okay

You: yep

Someone: so how's your day?
You: *reslly sh*tty* oh it was good

by Imprettygoodwithwords October 27, 2015
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(T)icked off.


(R)eady to cry.

(E)xtremely upset.

by Aihc November 26, 2013
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When a fad/person has been so overexposed, people have lost interest.
Claire stopped going to the nightclub, because the scene was so tired.
by Babydoll75 February 26, 2019
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The result of school waking me up a 6:30 AM and keeping me up with homework until midnight when I WANT TO SLEEP.
i am Tired
by Wiggly Mr.Dickls the 1st October 8, 2019
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Tired stands for:

T: torn apart

I: insecure

R: really faking my smile

E: extremely sad

D: drowning in my tears
Nancy: What's wrong?
Joe: Been tired
Nancy: Oh okay, well I hope you have a good day! Gotta go now byeee.
(BITCH can't realize she's hurting a boy by going on countless dates)
by Onmaowndick February 26, 2012
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My tits are tired

Long like psalms

Flat like pancakes
My tits don't want to stay up anymore, they are tired
by VeryVisionary July 6, 2023
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