fungus boy villiage idiot greasy hair 1 eybrow that a scammel and it has to be stupid
scammel u know who i mean
by Tin kan man April 15, 2005
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tall greasy hair with a unibrow and some fungus growing on his left ear stupid
by Richard April 15, 2005
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Nipples of a particularly large and protruding kind
Fuck me! Her scammells could hold 15 CDs each!
by Pope John-Paul II October 10, 2002
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Parody of the inbetweeners character Jay. Horrendously unfortunate in looks and build. Lies about his pulling power.
Geoff: I pulled that pole dancer.
Dan: no you didn't, you complete Scammell.
by Nick Rudin May 13, 2017
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Scammelling is the use of maximum time for least effect. Usually the antagonist in question has what he thinks is a good excuse for the delay, but is then bitched for slow progress.
Oh bugger, he's scammelling again. It'll never get done.
by hurdyboy July 27, 2010
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