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Batman had the runs and took an xshift all over himself
by Richard February 23, 2003
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its the new form of prep dress, it takes the old form and re-creates it for the time of today, you would wear polos in light shades ie. baby pink, blue, and green, cut off kahkis, flip-flops, and a cute tote.
some exaples that sell this style would be american eagle.
by Richard April 15, 2005
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A beautiful bowed, four stringed insrtument, played between the knees. it's in the tuning of C. it's strings are (from highest to lowest) A,D,G,C. it usually plays harmony or backround but is often featured in concertos and sonatas.
Yo-Yo Ma is a Cellist.
Rasputina is a band featuring 3 cellos.
by Richard February 4, 2004
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The term for reproduction and recreation "sex" pronounced in a form of Dutch accent.

See also: Austin Powers in Goldmember
Yesch, after we dansche with the clogsh it'sh time to get our schex on!
by Richard September 16, 2004
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Used on message boards (forums). If someone doesn't get that your post is a joke, follow up the post with </joke>.
Me: Arn't you smart.
Other Person: Really?
Me: </joke>
by Richard August 11, 2004
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Orginally from a rpg with a hint of a un-famous rock song To call someone a rekelon is to show respect to them.
"I am Rekelon the godfather"
"You are Rekelon"
"He has the face of a Rekelon"
by Richard August 14, 2004
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when your a chick and you get 15 dildos in the ass, pussy, and mouth at the same time, from two different guys.
That chick cried when we gave her geebs last night.
by Richard June 26, 2004
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