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to have sex with. from the latin 'erectus'
im gonna erectionise you babycakes.
by Richard February 19, 2005
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boobs that look like someone grabbed by the nipple and pulled too hard on.
Man that chic's got triangle boobs !
by Richard February 10, 2003
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Rhymes with 'stroll', it refers to a style of fishing where a baited line is drawn in front of fish hoping that one will bite. The person doing is a troller.

The analogy to a baited message hoping for bites is obvious.
I caught a fine Big Mouth Bass with a troll.
by Richard November 15, 2003
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Stalin, my leader! Wipe out the capitalist pigs! Rise and bring your means to your world!
by Richard February 4, 2004
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stuff you can't bring yourself to throw away -possessions with no discernible value other than to the owner

used in rave/squatting culture since mid 90's
got to sort out the spaff mountain - there must be stuff the charity shop would want and we can recycle the rest
by Richard November 9, 2004
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