I fucking hate Texas it’s like living in satan’s asshole.
by mhstipline October 15, 2018
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The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). First used by comedian Dane Cook, it describes what it's like to wait in line for hours with no air conditioning with whiny kids, smelly cocksuckers, and people talking on their god damn cell phones, just so you can get your driver's license.
I had to get my driver's license from satan's asshole today.
by Illinois Joe October 7, 2004
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Slang term for the DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles. This is a place where one would spend a minumum of two hours, at least in New York, if that person gets there as soon as it opens.
Friend 1: Where have you been all day?
Frined 2: I've been stuck at Satan's Asshole for three and a half hours.
by MrStuddly August 5, 2011
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The Hottest, Sweatiest and most uncomfortable Heat ever experienced by a human being!
Holy Shit, It's hotter then Satans Asshole in here!!

Hey Don, it's as hot as Satans Asshole outside today!! maybe we should go to the pool.

That Jalapeno was so hot that my mouth feels like Satans Asshole!!
by Edub923 September 11, 2010
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Guy 1: Damn, you're lagging hard
Guy 2: Its because I have Satan's Asshole for wifi
by JoeSephStalin April 28, 2020
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1.A very hot room or place, or a bad place.

2.An Insult
1.A. "This room is as hot as Satan's Asshole"

1.B. "This road is as bad as Satan's Asshole"

2. "Dat dumb bitch nigga went up into Satan's Asshole and had sex with his big red fuckin' balls."
by George Bushy Balls July 22, 2006
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The feeling you feel while walking down a dangerous neighbourhood where your most likely to get shanked in the stomach.
Jerome: Listen man im not really feeling like going down satans asshole today.
Tyrone: Don't worry bruv, nothing bad will happen.
by splashhhey November 23, 2019
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