The state someone's in when things aren't going well for them and they're experiencing intense sadness or hopelessness.
I was in a really bad place after my mother died, I cried every day.
by Queenoftheriver February 5, 2016
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When you go in a really strange mood, and nothing can explain it, you have entered the bad place. Can be abrieviated to BP so otheres don't know you are actually there.
"I've gone to THE BAD PLACE"
"Can you pick me up from the bp"
by jessicad0106 February 23, 2009
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a public-friendly way of describing the anus, or ass in general, as used by the Don and Mike Show (radio).
That bitch takes it in the bad place, where food comes out.
by Monty James November 22, 2004
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A phrase referencing the TV show 'The Good Place' and used when life in the United States isn't living up to the standards its people should expect.

SPOILER The final episode of season one of The Good Place can be used as a metaphor for how those in the United States are often brought up being frequently told that they are in the greatest country in the world, but are then disappointed every time they discover something new that the U.S doesn't statistically do well in.


- No other wealthy nation lets its people die of treatable illnesses, simply because they can't afford treatment.
- The majority of other countries mandate employers to provide 20-40 paid days off a year.
- Very few countries force students into crippling debt.
- All but three countries have paid maternity leave.
"You know Jill next door, who got married to her boyfriend, Chad, five months after they met, just so he could get on to her medical insurance?

Well, they both got new jobs but now Chad's got cancer and his insurance won't cover enough of the costs, so they've had to get divorced to avoid Jill being bankrupted by his medical debt. America is the Bad Place"
by America is the bad place October 27, 2021
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When you smoke too much weed and start feeling bad.
Dalton and Cody: Honey time for your 3am dab

Peyton: Oh boy!!

Peyton(30 mins later):*groans, hey Dalton i don't feel so good, I'm going to The Bad Place,
It's too far down
by Moose 2.0 May 25, 2021
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"You don't want to end up in the bad people play do ya? 'Cause I've heard they treat people real nice in there⸮"
"He's in the bad people place now, he ain't gonna be out for a looong time so don't you worry sonny."
by Michael Washboard August 2, 2022
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